Erie outdoor hockey league


Home team: light jerseys

Away team: dark jerseys

briggs league (Mondays)

Playoffs and Championship are on Monday January 24th


Coal creek league (Wednesdays)

Playoffs and Championship are on WEDNESday January 26th




  • Both teams should arrive with a dark and light jersey option. 

  • Players may score from anywhere on the ice. After goals, defending team must retreat to half ice. 

  • Score is kept by rink staff, they are NOT a referee, they are a scorekeeper who does the best they can to monitor game play. So give’em a break, eh!? Penalties are called by your own team. Be honest and fair. In the result of a penalty, the opposing team will receive the puck and 1 goal will be awarded to the opposing team. Scorekeepers may call infractions as well. 

  • NO Slapshots

  • NO shooting against boards (you are responsible for any damages outside rink from pucks)

  • NO rough play (we see it, you're out)

  • NO profanity (we hear it, you're out)

  • Respect others and their ability levels.

  • Keep it light! This is a fun, outdoor, and old school atmosphere where every level of player is welcome! 

  • We have zero tolerance for excessive physical play and profanity.

  • Teams may have a total of 5 players dressed per game and a total of 7 players on their roster for the season. Each player must sign a waiver prior to the first game they play in. This can be done at the Ice Box office. 


Required Equipment:

  • Helmet / shin guards / hockey gloves & skates​


  • A team whose opponent does not show up will receive a win and 7 GF / 0 GA. The opponent has until half time to show, after the first half is over, the team will be awarded a forfeit win. The rink will be cleared and used for maintenance opportunities. 


  • A team that receives the forfeit loss shall get a Loss and (7 GA / 0 GF).


Playoff placements:

Seed placements per division are 
determined by 
1. Record (W - L)
2. Least goals against
3. Best Goal differential